Bolton Footwear is a dynamic role-player in the footwear manufacture and wholesale trade. One of South Africa’s leading footwear companies with an unparalleled aptitude in the manufacture of footwear, producing a wide range of locally manufactured footwear that is complemented by a selection of well-known global licenced brands.


158 years of heritage and industry experience are reflected in our people, our technical ability and in the diversity of our brands and their product ranges.

Our Portfolio of Brands

Original designs for style, comfort and quality reflects in the brands of the Bolton Footwear collection. Each of our brands has its own unique personality. From sophisticated flair to comfortably casual – we have a brand to suit every need.


Handmade with care, for comfort and quality is at the core of what we do. Our values are reflected in the way that we conduct our business.

Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee that only the finest leather and materials
are used. We are committed to manufacturing and importing
the best quality product, evident in every finished pair of
quality shoes.

Unparalleled Comfort

Modern designed shoes offer superior comfort
you can rely on and differ only in individual style and colour.
The brands you love and trust, and of course, the most
comfortable shoes ever made.

Brands you Love

A shoe by any other name would never
be as comfortable. Made with love and care,
our shoes provide the comfort you deserve.

Impeccable Style

Synonymous with style, the Bolton Footwear
brands are dedicated to creating beautiful
and unique shoes with exceptional
production quality.

Hand Crafted

We pride ourselves in the fact that each and
every pair of our locally manufactured shoes
are hand crafted by people who are passionate
about what they do.

Brands you Trust

Home to some of the biggest footwear
brands in South Africa, trusted and loved by
all South Africans.